Plastic Fantastic

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Today in this modern age everything is possible, an injection here and some botox there, is nothing out of the ordinary. But how do we really look at ourselves and what are our insecurities? Are we really happier after these kind of operations?
With this project I’ve researched the topic of self remodeling, plastic surgery and the extreme dangers. Because nowadays it seems to be very normal to buy a new set of bigger boobs or an injection for fuller lips. But this is obviously a total break down of the self-image of women. I made a contrasting poster of beauty of the past and the beauty ideals of today. I have chosen for this to shock the public and confront them to think twice about plastic surgery and how we change the beauty ideals for new generations.

My poster was chosen and part of the poster contest Unlimited Freedom which was exhibited at the Spui station in The Hague, where many people were confronted with it.